Thursday, November 25, 2010

* Project Gain

After reaching my maximum weight of 158lbs last June (I was close to 160lbs) and thanks to Nitro-tech Hardcore, I got sick around July which is Pharyngitis and I had a hard time eating food and drinking liquid for a week and the result is weight loss. I also lost my appetite so I dropped down to 140lbs and that really sucks.

Recently I told myself that I have to gain weight again so just like what I did before I bought my favorite supplement which is Nitro-tech Hardcore and same flavor which is Chocolate, drink it 3x a day, getting enough sleep and rest, eating a lot and of course heavy workout in the gym. For 4 days I gained a solid 5 lbs and now I'm back to 146lbs. My program started Monday (11/22/2010) and I'm looking forward for more improvements in the weeks to come. Will be keeping you posted :)

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